Through narrative therapy techniques, release rituals, and visualization exercises, you will give meaning to your experiences and more confidently embrace your birth story.

Many moms share that their births didn’t go according to “plan” and need support to feel more at peace with their birth experience. The opportunity to tell your story in a therapeutic space allows you to shift negative thoughts and feelings and see yourself through a lens of strength and capability. Through deep listening and offering thoughtful guidance, I’m honored to be a witness in each and every birth story I hear.

If you had a positive birth experience, Birth Storytelling can be an intentional time to celebrate crossing the threshold into motherhood. If you’re experiencing feelings of regret or seeking healing, Birth Storytelling allows you to rewrite the parts of your story that are no longer serving you now. 

A Birth Storytelling session is a powerful way to reflect on your birth, feel heard, and honor one of the most intense experiences of your life. Together, we create an empowering narrative of your birth.

A Birth Storytelling session is right for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed when you think about your birth experience.
  • You’re preparing for a subsequent birth and feeling anxious.
  • You can’t stop thinking about your birth experience.
  • You want to celebrate your birth experience. 

Partners are welcome to attend the Birth Storytelling session and couples often find that weaving their individual stories into a shared narrative can be a meaningful bonding experience.

*Note – Three sessions are recommended for Birth Storytelling. This service is not intended to replace mental health treatment for birth trauma. If you are suffering after a traumatic birth, please contact me about individual therapy sessions.