Wellness Drop-ins

How does it work?

Wellness Drop-ins function as a one-time visit to check in with your mental health and emotional healing. Whether pregnant or postpartum, I’ll meet with you to provide support, resources, guidance, and coping tools for navigating this exciting but often overwhelming time. Some moms decide they want to continue with supportive counseling; however, many find that a Wellness Drop-in visit is just what they need to feel more centered, empowered, and prepared for their journey to becoming mothers.

Who Should Sign Up?

For those women who find the idea of signing up for ongoing therapy to be overwhelming or perhaps need a bit of extra help as they adjust to a new role, wellness drop-ins are the perfect option.

You can sign up yourself or gift a wellness drop-in to a friend who might be struggling. Support from a trained mental health therapist is often more valuable than a traditional gift from a baby registry!

A Momtalk Journal is included with all Wellness drop-ins, with space for thoughts, reflections, challenges, and all your motherhood moments.

What To Consider?

 Throughout your pregnancy, you regularly visit your OB/GYN, midwife, or other prenatal care providers to assess your and your baby’s physical health. You may also attend childbirth and newborn care classes to help you feel more prepared to become a mother. Once the baby is born, you’re immediately scheduled for your 6-week postpartum visit to check on your physical healing. But what about your mental health? I’d love to make sure you’re doing ok, and at the end of our visit, we’ll create a plan for moving forward and taking care of yourself.