Toddler Moms & Embracing Imperfection

Welcome to a new stage of motherhood – life as a “Toddler Mom”. It’s messy and beautiful, exhausting and energizing, and full of moments of wonder, as you watch your baby become a child. For many moms, emerging out of the first year postpartum can be a little disorienting and you may feel as though you’ve lost your sense of self. It can also be a time where you feel a heightened sense of responsibility, and even pressure, to nurture your child’s growth and create the “right” environment for “optimal” development. This feeling of responsibility often goes hand in hand with a natural desire to to have control. You fear your child will somehow be left behind or miss out if you don’t get it “right”. You might find yourself signing up for extra curriculars just to keep up, and before you know it, you’ve got an overscheduled kid and a burntout mom. But what’s an anxious mom to do to avoid that, all too common, experience of “mom guilt”?

Cue the “Perfectly Imperfect Mother”.

The Perfectly Imperfect Mother serves as a model of how to approach this season of life in a gentler way. She knows perfection isn’t required to be a good mom. The Perfectly Imperfect Mother…

  • Recognizes that she cannot put her children first at all times. If she always sacrifices herself, she knows she will soon have nothing left to give. She gives herself permission to meet her own needs.
  • Understands her child is resilient and believes they can handle negative emotions and difficult situations. 
  • Remembers the wisdom, “Not Every Decision Matters” and knows she isn’t the only one responsible for her child’s development. 
  • Learns how to revive and reprioritize her relationship with her partner

Connect with me to learn tools to release control and embrace your imperfections.

A Growing Family

If you’re in this stage of life, you may be considering growing your family. The decision to have another baby is a big one, especially if you had a difficult time with your first pregnancy or postpartum period. Adding another child to your family is a beautiful thing, but can also create additional challenges for you, your partner, and your child(ren). If you are spread too thin, you might be wondering how you can possibly manage a baby at the same time. Perhaps you are just beginning to feel like you’re getting the hang of this whole motherhood thing, finally having time for yourself, and are worried about losing that again.

Let me support you in planning for a smoother transition and finding balance in this phase of life.