The Boss Mom Network

Being A Boss & A Mom

Being a mom is hard. Being a boss is hard. And being both? Well, sometimes it feels impossible. And yet, we keep pushing because we have an entrepreneurial spirit inside of us, a fierce love for our children, and we believe both are possible.

Join The Boss Mom Network

The Boss Mom Network was created because when women come together in a collaborative environment, great things happen. The network is made up of bad-ass women ,at any stage of motherhood, who also run their own small business. Boss moms believe you don’t have to sacrifice your most important role as “mom” in order to have your own career, but it’s not always easy. We come together to talk about scarcity mindset, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, helpful business practices, marketing, accounting, and anything in between – all through the lens of the delicate balance of motherhood and career.

When Do We Meet?

We meet on a monthly basis to support one another in the unique challenges that come with being a Boss Mom and to brainstorm and collaborate on ways to improve our businesses. Each meeting we will check in with one another and periodically feature a spotlight business to better understand the ins and outs of a specific mom’s business. We want to work smarter, not harder and we can do that together.

All Are Welcome

You might be in the early stages of building, have been running a successful business for years, or perhaps you’re somewhere in between. All are welcome and we truly believe that diversity in the type of business and/or stage of development is a strength for our network.

Contact me today to learn more and check in here for articles, resources, and more about how to be a successful Boss Mom!