How Does this Program Work?

“Mentor Mom” volunteers who have undergone training will provide “Blossom Moms” with 1-on-1 peer support* throughout their pregnancies and/or postpartum periods. Peer assistance encompasses attentive listening, comprehension, empathy, company, and friendship.

Based on their answers to questionnaires, Blossom will pair together Mentor Moms and Blossom Moms. They’ll communicate for:

at least six months, roughly once or twice each week, however they mutually prefer—texts, phone calls, video calls, in-person meetings, etc.

Should I Participate in this Program?

Do you share Blossom’s enthusiasm about the value of maternity and community mental health? Can we talk for roughly one hour each week? You might benefit from this program!

  • Are you a seasoned mother who can recall what it was like to overcome the difficulties that come with being a parent?
  • Do you recall experiencing poor moods, guilt, or even depression during or after your pregnancy?
  • When a new or returning mother needs unbiased peer support, you might be the Mentor Mom who can serve as a sounding board for them.
  • Are you a new or pregnant mother who struggles in silence with depressive, lonely, or self-conscious thoughts? Or do you intend to get pregnant and are worried?
  • Do you struggle to leave the house, find it difficult to express your emotions to your spouse, friends, or family because you don’t want to worry them, or for any other known or unknown reason?
  • Become a Blossom Mom to connect with a peer who has experienced similar emotions and receive support.