Real Moms. Honest Talk. Authentic Connection.

Real Moms. Honest Talk.

Authentic Connection.

MotherTogether is a group where we get real about motherhood. Whether pregnant, postpartum, or becoming a mother again, you will learn skills to build resilience, increase confidence, and feel more empowered in your parenting journey. With a focus on the mental load, selfcare, and defining new standards of success, we will share and discuss common experiences of motherhood, as well as those that interfere with finding fulfillment, including perfectionism, high expectations, and comparison tendencies. Connect with others in your community in a safe and confidential space, develop lasting friendships, and receive professional guidance intended to support you in your parenting journey. Together, we will celebrate your strengths, and show kindness in the struggles. Babies are welcome!

Take advantage of prenatal/baby&me yoga class happening after MotherTogether or grab coffee or lunch with other moms at The Food Oasis, located in the JCC!

Motherhood Stories - A Women's Circle

As mothers, we often have a difficult time prioritizing ourselves. Although we will move mountains for our children, our own needs can become lost in the hustle and bustle of motherhood. In this group, you will connect with one another in your shared experience as mothers, feel empowered by the strength of women in your community, learn to integrate and prioritize your own needs into the hustle and bustle of motherhood, and on a lighter note – be entertained by the inspirational words of Jessi Klein: “I’ll Show Myself Out, Essays on Midlife & Motherhood”.  We will begin each evening with a calming and centering ritual, listen to a short chapter in the audiobook, followed by conversation and connection. The circle meets the first Wednesday of every month at 8pm in downtown Palo Alto.

The women who have participated have found it to be a meaningful, empowering, and entertaining experience.

Here’s what they had to say: